If you want more support and tools to help you slim down and tone up, I have something you may be interested in. I am starting a new program called Burn with Jorge where I will come to you LIVE to provide insights and motivation, as well as interact with you to answer your questions, check in on your results, and more. Plus, you'll get access to all my best belly burning weight loss tools like custom meal plans, workouts, and more. If you're interested in learning more, find out more below.


What's Burn with Jorge all about?

As a New York Times bestselling author and Hollywood trainer to the stars. For the past 20 years I've helped everyone from celebrities to my online clients focus on the truth: that fitness begins in the kitchen.

The saying is true - you cannot out-train a bad diet. All calories count. In one hour, you can sit down and eat 10,000 calories, but you'd never burn more than 800 calories in the same amount of time.

A long time ago, before I discovered the true importance of putting diet first, I spent hours at the gym every day and was still overweight. Worst of all, I was holding on to belly fat. This is not only an unflattering area to have fat, but it's also the most dangerous and can increase your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more.

I've been a trainer and author for years, but everything I've done over my 20 year career has come down to my newest program called Tiny and FullThis plan actually helps you burn belly fat directly!

So how does it burn belly fat?

With my new Tiny and Full Belly Burn training program, I will show you how to eat the right foods (even eat more of them) and still lose weight, because yes, that is possible. The way we do that is by eating more plant-based foods, but not just any plant-based foods. We eat more of the ones that are high in certain phytochemicals. When you eat these foods you will be unleashing your body's natural fat burning potential. Pair that with all of the benefits of high quality protein, fiber, and vitamin C, you will have the recipe for success. The best part is, all you have to do is follow my plan and let your body do the work for you.


By swapping high calorie foods for plant-based foods, you not only cut calories, you're less hungry because you're filling up high volume foods. But best of all, you are also burning belly fat because of the phytochemicals found in plant-based foods. I can show you snack and treat swaps and how for the same amount of calories or LESS, you can get MORE food. These tips can help you conquer any snack craving.

So which would you choose?

2 Oreo cookies (100 cals) or 62 grapes (100 cals)

8 Dorito chips (100 cals) or 25 medium strawberries (100 cals)

9 potato chips (100 cals) or 1 large banana (100 cals)

Belly Burning Meals

Imagine having spaghetti, lasagna or even ice cream, and actually burn belly fat! Well it's true! I take your favorite comfort foods like pizza, pasta, and ice cream and swap out high calorie ingredients for belly burning ingredients. You end up eating more food for fewer calories.



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Just $9.99/Week

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