Emily Disselhorst, Lost 45 lbs

People following the tiny and full plan can expect to lose 4 lbs. of belly fat a week.

Tiny and Full has gotten me back to my high-school body. For years, I have tried to lose the weight but no plan ever worked for me. With Tiny and Full, I’ve lost 45 pounds in 8 weeks and I’ve never felt better.

Emily is a bride-to-be who wants to be in the best shape of life for her wedding. Before Tiny and Full, Emily had a tendency to skip meals throughout the day and overeat at night. She worked on automating her breakfast and lunch so that she DID eat throughout the day and wouldn’t sabotage herself by binge eating at night. Prepping her meals the night before and sticking to the same types of meals daily helped her, as it helped all of Team Jorge, control the amount of food she put in her body without overeating.

Emily is young and has her whole life ahead of her. Her goals before starting the challenge included looking “dead sexy” in her wedding dress. It’s safe to say, “Mission accomplished!” She is going to make a GORGEOUS bride!

“I’ve already had to resize my ring! My fiance was overseas when I started this diet but he is back and was shocked at my weight loss! I’ve even got him on the diet and he’s lost 17 lbs. with me so far!”

Emily's Top Tips

Move more. I work at a typical desk job so I sit all day. Jorge encouraged me to set an alarm on my phone to go off every hour to remind me to get do a lap around the office or use the restroom. This little change in my work routine really helped me energy stay high and burn an extra 300 calories throughout the day.

Take selfies. When Jorge first told me to take a selfie everyday I was a bit skeptical. But I will tell you a selfie shows what the scale doesn’t. It’s a great monitoring tool and it really helps you stay on track and hold yourself accountable. I look back at old selfies I took and look at the selfies I take now and am so proud of all the accomplishments I’ve made.  

More Brides Like Emily

"This program really helped me lose those last 5 pounds for my wedding. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to take their body to the next level."

- Jordan Mallace, lost 5 lbs.

"I’m not the dieting type, but I wanted to look and feel my best in my wedding dress. Even after the wedding, I’ve continued to lose weight and enjoy this new lifestyle.” 

- Kristin Penne, lost 6 lbs.

"I lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks and my body and mind are completely rejuvenated! I felt amazing on my wedding day!”

- Mary Naidicz, lost 12 lbs.