Sometimes New Year's Eve tends to get the best of us. Whether we are at a party or simply watching the ball drop we tend to over splurge with our food choices. But don't feel like there is no hope! I'm going to share with you my skinny secrets to surviving any holiday event! All you need to do is to fill your plate with Tiny Calories, foods that are high in volume and low in calories. That way you don't break your calorie bank filling up on excessive calories and you don't feel deprived during your events.

  1. Start by getting a large plate, not a small appetizer plate. This way you wont be going back for seconds (or fourths).
  2. Fill your plate with vegetables. As you can see in the video broccoli, carrots, fruits are all great and easy choices. Also to note is olives, eat 27 and stay under 100 calories. And if you are looking for some protein, a jumbo shrimp contains only 14 calories.
  3. Low fat sauces is your next stop. Balsamic vinegar is a quick choice for me, it has great flavor and little in calories. Even a small amount of cocktail sauce will keep you in budget.
  4. Get some indulgences! Trying to completely avoid sweets, meats and treats will leave you wanting throughout the night. The trick: put small servings on your plate of your fav's instead of nixing it out.

And if you forgot to follow these steps, don't worry, get back on track the next morning. Each new minute is a chance for a good decision.