In short, yes, you need to workout.

But that does not mean you need to run out and get a personal trainer, nor does it mean spending hours on an elliptical or crunches upon crunches.

As a celebrity fitness trainer, I believe in keeping it simple. I believe a healthier, more fit you comes down to 3 things.

Sit less, move more, get some exercise.

It’s easy. Focus on standing up for a few minutes every hour, take a short walk during part of your lunch break, park in the further spot away from the grocery store entrance, and get some brisk activity in for 20-30 minutes.

To help you with the brisk exercise, I have created Tiny and Full High Intensity Interval Training workouts that only take 28 minutes and you can do them at home. This will help you get your heart rate up and help tone and firm your body. You can also go for a jog, take a walk, go swimming, whatever you desire. Just get out there!