So is this plan vegan? No. This is a “part-time vegan” plan where you only eat 100% vegan for breakfast, then incorporate animal-based products into your lunches and dinners.

There are many great benefits of the vegan diet, when done right in the form of a whole food, plant-based vegan diet. You get increased energy, improve your mood and mind-set, achieve weight loss, lower your levels of chronic disease, fill up on nutrient-rich foods, and detoxify your body.

So why not go 100% vegan? There are two main reasons I did not make this plan completely vegan. While a plant-based vegan diet is one of the healthiest out there, there are also some critical flaws.

First, there are missing nutrients primarily B12 which mainly comes from animal sources. Vegans can also lack Vitamin D, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Omega-3s, and good protein.

Second, being a vegan is downright hard. For many it is too rigid and unsustainable. There are actually more ex-vangs than there are current vegans and 70% of those who’e tried to go vegan have quit according to a survey by the Humane Research Council in 2015. I personally cannot give up meat completely, nor other foods like yogurt, cheese, and eggs. And many of my celebrity clients have said the same thing. That is why I made this plan. To help you reap the benefits of the vegan diet without the 24/7 commitment.