No! Tiny and Full is first and foremost not a cookbook - it is a lifestyle plan. 

Also, Tiny and Full is NOT vegan! This is a part-time vegan plan where you only have to eat a vegan breakfast. You don’t have to be vegan all day long to reap the benefits.

Tiny and Full provides insight into why being a part-time vegan is so beneficial and is full of strategies to keep you tiny and full for life.

I have included meal planners, a detailed food list, and 50 mouth watering recipes, both for vegan breakfasts as well as entrees that incorporate animal-based foods for sustainability and key nutrients.

I’ve also included a detailed workout plan to help tone and keep you fit!

So Tiny and Full is not a vegan breakfast cookbook. Yes there are recipes for vegan breakfasts, but there is so much more! Check it out today to get the complete part-time vegan lifestyle plan!