So what is a part-time vegan? Well first I want to mention that when I say vegan, I mean in the truest, most natural form of vegan. A whole food (minimally processed), plant-based diet. Potato chips and Coke are technically vegan, but I encourage the healthiest, most natural form of vegan possible with whole, plant-based foods.

Alright, so then what is a part-time vegan? It’s simple. It’s following a plant-based diet just some of the time — and in the case of Tiny and Full, it’s just for breakfast. Then, you go back to incorporating animal-based foods for lunch and dinner.

There is a heavy emphasis on plants throughout the day as the goal is to fill up on plant-based foods like fruits and vegetables, and then use animal products (like chicken, yogurt, cheese, etc.) as a condiment to provide sustainability, balance, and key nutrients. 

It’s as simple as that.