The short story:

Just be a Vegan Until Lunch.

The details: 

As many of us know, the vegan diet has taken the world by storm. It’s much more socially accepted and many have tried or are trying it. Beyonce has tried it, President Clinton, and so many others! But as many know, it is hard to do and not always fun!

Most people cannot commit to this type of lifestyle long term because you have to completely eliminate any animal products - meat, cheese, eggs, even honey! It’s just not something that the majority of people can do. In fact, there are more ex-vegans than current vegans, so that speaks volumes to the difficulty of this lifestyle. However, the vegan way of eating is very good for you and has a lot of health benefits.

So, with Tiny and Full, I’ve come up with a way to be a part-time vegan to reap the benefits without the 24/7 commitment. You ONLY have to eat a vegan breakfast, then at lunch, you are set free and can eat animal-based foods.

I still encourage you to use meat as a condiment and fill your plate with lots of plant-based foods like leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits, but incorporating animal-based foods is important. In fact, it’s vital not to be a full time vegan because you miss out on nutrients like B12 that are only found in animal-based foods that help maintain energy throughout the day. It’s easy to lack energy on the vegan diet if you are B12 deficient. You can take supplements if you want to try to make up for lack of nutrients, but that gets expensive and isn’t always easy to do. So incorporating animal-based foods into your lunches and dinners will help maintain your energy to get you through the day.

It’s also scientifically shown that your willpower is strongest in the morning, and since eating vegan can be difficult, if you start off with the hardest part — eating vegan — the rest is easy! Plus, most people eat breakfast at home and it is easier to plan your meals. Lunch and dinner tend to be away from home or more social events where eating vegan isn’t always practical. So make sure to wake up a vegan, but don’t go to bed one!

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