If you have followed me in the past or read any of my books, you know I have been a long-time advocate to reduce our intake of sugar. While I still believe refined sugar is to be minimized and avoided, I have come to a realization through research I’ve been studying that the sugar in fruit is not something we have to eliminate.

As my past clients know, I’ve always said the sugar in fruit counts. For those of you who may be diabetic, you know that sugar does affect the Glycemic Index and your insulin, but when it comes to weight loss, fruit will not harm your efforts. Yes, fruit has sugar. However, fruit is also full of so much fiber and nutrients that as a whole, eating fruit is good for you.

Again, I still believe we consume too much sugar and there is hidden sugar tucked away in so many of the foods we eat today, especially processed foods. However, I do have a new perspective on the sugar in fruit and I can tell you that I’ve been eating fruit constantly for over 6 months now and I lost more weight than I have on any of my previous plans. And I’m keeping it off. 

If you’d like to read some of the articles and studies that changed my mind on fruit, I encourage you to check out some of the articles and studies below.