You may think you could eat vegan any time of the day, but there are a number of reason that starting your day with a successful action such as eating vegan sets the stage for you to be successful all day long.

It’s scientifically shown that your willpower is strongest in the morning. There are numerous studies showing that determination and drive are almost always strongest in the morning hours when you are fresh. This is because willpower is like a muscle — it’s strongest when it has been given good rest and restoration.

Since eating vegan can be difficult, if you start off with the hardest part, the rest is easy! 

So you can start your day off ahead of the game by nourishing your body with excellent sources of plant-based foods. Being vegan in the morning is like giving yourself a daily detox. You’ll cleanse your body each morning and then continue to eat a healthy, balanced diet throughout the rest of the day.