Don’t you just wish someone would give you a list of what to eat to lose weight? Well with my Tiny and Full levels you give you all foods and information you need to eat off the pounds. Use my level method below when you aren’t following a meal planner or are stumped on what to eat.  

The first step is to choose the foods listed in Level 1 as your base and as often as possible, then use those foods in Levels 2 to 4 as sparingly by adding from Level 2 first (which includes lean protein), and using Level 3 as a condiment. Your Level 1 foods are your go-to foods for feeling satisfied on fewer calories. Here you’ll find lots of vegetables and fruits, which are full of nutrients but with a very low calorie density. Try to minimize or avoid Level 4 as much as possible. Use Level 4 oils, such as olive oil, in moderation.