Good news!  There are two types of fiber to enjoy - Soluble and Insoluble!  

Soluble Fiber soaks up water and turns into gel in your system, and feeds and helps flourish natural gut flora.  Plus, they help lower cholesterol levels to prevent heart disease, maintain blood sugar levels to prevent diabetes or maintain levels.  Added bonus, soluble fiber soaks up water to bulks up stool to help keep you regular and avoid uncomfortable issues - ultimately promoting weight loss and management.  Want to increase your soluble fiber intake?  Enjoy oatmeal, chia seeds, beans, psyllium husk, apples and blueberries. 

Insoluble Fiber doesn’t dissolve in water, so it moves bulk through your system.  This aides in regular bowel movements, while warding off constipation.  With regular movement through your intestines, insoluble fiber promotes a healthy pH balance in your gut and removes toxins more quickly.  Happy intestines and colon prevent colon cancer, avoid IBS and aid in weight loss and management.  Bulking up food when passing through your system means you feel FULL longer.  This is great to combat hunger pangs!  Ready to bulk up your digestive system and fight cravings?  Opt for wheat bran, flax seeds, whole wheat bread, brown rice, seeds and peels in fruit.  


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