Our bodies need fiber to function properly.  In a nut shell, fiber is made up of all parts of plant based foods our bodies are unable to digest.  This comes in handy because we don’t absorb the calories, while they act as little scrubbers to clean out our system.  Fiber aides in overall gut health and digestive function, plus many other benefits such as - prevents Heart Disease, regulates various Gastrointestinal Disorders, Blood sugar control, and Weight loss and Management - just to name a few!  


The 2010 Dietary Guidelines recommend adults need between 25 and 34 grams of fiber depending on gender, age and nutritional needs.  People who enjoy a high fiber diet, have healthier body weights and live longer!  Unfortunately, research shows we typically only average 15 grams - time to up our fiber intake!  Fiber One has great options to help ensure a healthy daily intake.  Enjoy a Fiber One Original Cereal, Honey Clusters or a Snack Bar for breakfast to start your day off right!