Nicole Brower, Lost 86 lbs

People following the tiny and full plan can expect to lose 4 lbs. of belly fat a week.

After my second child was born, I ballooned up to 203 pounds. I decided to give Jorge’s plan a shot and 86 lbs. and 15 inches later, I’ve finally found what truly works.

After my second child was born, I ballooned up to 203 pounds. I tried to follow Weight Watchers a few times, but failed to lose all the weight or keep what I lost off. One day my dad gave me Jorge's plan and I decided to give it a shot; 86 lbs. and 15 in. later, I’ve finally found what truly works. 

Even the manager at my gym noticed the incredible change in my life. He even pulled me aside and asked if I would share my story with other gym members.

My body has been transformed my confidence has increased. I’ve never felt better. This is my new way of life and I love it.

Nicole's Top Tip

Indulge. Don’t deprive yourself of a sweet treat at night. I enjoy a glass of wine . . . guilt free! It's not worth giving up everything you love. If you do, you'll never stick to the plan long term. Just make smarter choices and adjust. 

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"As a celebrity yoga instructor, busy mom, and wellness blogger for, saving time is everything to me. Jorge’s smoothie breakfasts are the best...easy, quick, and so delicious. Best of all the pea protein holds up my appetite until lunch!"

- Kristin McGee

"I never thought I would not only lose the baby weight I was holding on to, but get in the best shape of my life. I am so thankful for this plan and how my life has changed. Now my little one has to keep up with ME!" 

- Nikki Johnson

"Getting my body back after my second baby seemed possible, but I definitely didn't think I could get it back this fast. Just 6 months after my last baby was born, I look and feel better than ever."

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