Cut Calories, Lose Weight

It’s as simple as that. When it comes to weight loss, it really doesn’t matter how you slice away the excess calories—reduce your intake and you’ll drop the pounds. There are no promises of great health here because technically if you stay under your daily caloric allotment by just eat Twinkies and Snickers bars, you can lose weight, but you probably won’t be in the best overall health. However, when you boil it down to strictly weight loss and moving the needle on the scale down, cutting calories is the key. 

Here’s a quick reference chart to choose your calorie level based on your current weight. This is how you customize weight loss for you. You may need to adjust your calorie level as you lose weight.

Fill Up On Fewer Calories

So weight loss comes down to cutting calories, but cutting calories generally means one thing…HUNGER! That is where the magic of eating high volume, low calorie, belly burning foods comes into play. 

The term “calorie density” is used to describe how foods vary in the number of calories they pack into each bite. Calorie density refers to the number of calories (or the amount of energy) contained in a gram of food. Foods with a lower calorie density provide fewer calories per gram than foods with a higher calorie density. Basically, for the same amount of calories, you can eat a larger portion of a food that is low in calorie density than of a food that is high in calorie density, especially when you eat the right belly burning foods that are low in calorie density. This is the key to being Full (not stuffed, just satisfied and not left feeling hunger pangs). 

Here’s a visual example to help illustrate this:

You can calculate the calorie density of any food. Simply turn to the nutrition label of any package of food in your kitchen (or look up non-packaged items on, and look for the serving size and the calories per serving. Let’s consider a 5-ounce single serving of plain, nonfat Greek yogurt. The serving size in grams is 130, and the calorie per serving is 90. To calculate the calorie density, divide the calories per serving by the grams per serving. Here, 90 divided by 130 is .69, meaning that the calorie density of this yogurt is .69. 

Calories per serving ÷ Grams per serving = Calorie density per serving or 90 ÷ 130 = .69 

Plant-Based Until Lunch

When you start off your day by eating the most powerful, healing, and cleansing foods, you’ll set the stage for success all day long. Eating 100% plant-based is one of the healthiest and most healing diets available all by relying on plant-based foods and reducing your intake of animal protein. Unfortunately, this lifestyle misses some vital nutrients that come from eating a more balanced diet, particularly B12, and the majority of people find that eating strictly plant-based foods is too rigid, limits options too drastically, and ultimately is not sustainable long term. Still, I want you to eat plants. But that doesn’t mean that you have to eat this way all day long for the rest of your life. You can actually get all the benefits of a 100% plant-based lifestyle on a part-time basis.

The solution is to only be plant-based until lunch! By following these eating principles each and every morning, you’ll start your day off ahead of the game by nourishing your body with excellent sources of plant-based foods that are also naturally low in calorie density and high in belly burning phytochemicals. You can eat satisfying and full plates, bowls, and cups of food that will lower your overall calories without you ever feeling hungry or deprived. Being plant-based in the morning is like giving yourself a daily detox. You’ll cleanse your body each morning and then continue to eat a healthy balanced diet throughout the rest of the day by incorporating animal-based foods. You really can optimize your health and happiness and be Tiny and Full™ by front-loading your morning with fruits and veggies.

Focus on Belly Burning Foods

This last and final step is really that simple. I am going to give you a list of foods that will tell your body to start belly burning, and all you have to do is incorporate them into the first 3 steps! These foods are high in certain phytochemicals, phytochemicals are what make up antioxidants, and by eating these foods you can actually target belly burning. Now, all plant based foods contain phytochemicals, thats the “phyto” part, but I am only going to suggest ones that are have a high concentration of specific phytochemicals that have been scientifically linked to abdominal weight loss. See the next page for my top Belly Burning Foods 

When all else fails, just follow this formula:

1. Keep calorie density low. 

2. Eat 100% plant-based in the morning, and incorporate more belly burning plant-based foods throughout the day while also adding back animal-based foods. 

3. Keep all meals to 300 calories. 

4. Keep all snacks to 100 calories, unless you fall into a higher calorie level. 

5. Stay within your personalized calorie allotment.

The Belly Burning Foods

Your Belly Burning Meal Planner

I have provided you with a simple eating plan to guide you toward the types of food you should eat to help you burn up to 1 lb. of belly fat a day! 

I’ve given you some simple toss together meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and treats. Of course please check with your doctor before starting this, or any, plan to make sure this plan fits your dietary needs. In case you want or need to swap anything out, just be aware of your calories if you make any changes to the meal plan and adjust accordingly. 

Use these meals all week long. A big key to success is to automate your meals. I’ve recommended this for years and it truly helps. Make batches of all these meals ahead of time and you are set for the week (because as you will notice, not every meal is unique each day - they repeat throughout the week)! No thinking...just success and weight loss!

This is how we customize weight loss for you. I’ve chosen the meal plan that is best suited to burn belly fat, but we still need to make sure you are eating the right amount of calories per day. Use this chart to find your daily calorie limit. You may need to adjust your calorie level as you lose weight. 

Now, the meal planner you will find in the next few pages is set for 1,200 calories. But don’t worry, if you fall into a higher calorie goal, it’s easy to adjust the plan for you. Simply increase snack sizes to start. That’s an easy way to get more calories. From there, try doubling portions of veggies or increasing your protein portions. Use tools like to find the calories of the foods you are increasing.

Special Substitutions 

For those of you with certain dietary restrictions - whether you have made certain lifestyle choices or are restricted due to other various health reasons - here are my recommendations and top substitutions for those who are looking for gluten-free, dairy-free, or seafood-free options. 

Just remember to compare calorie values as some of these substitutions (even “protein” substitutions) can actually be higher in calories.


Top Brands: Rudi’s Gluten Free Bakery, Bob’s Red Mill, Boar’s Head, Applegate Farms, So Delicious, Tofutti, General Mills, Udi’s. 

Tips: There are many foods that do not naturally contain gluten - like some meats and cheeses, however, often the way they are processed will change that. Make sure to check labels, especially if you are allergic to gluten. 


Top Brands: So Delicious, Daiya Foods, Almond Breeze, Tofutti, Earth Balance, Oroweat Whole Wheat English Muffins, Go Veggie! 

Tips: Check labels for casein or sodium caseinate. Casein is a milk protein that is used in some soy cheese and other soy products. Also, be mindful that lactose free does not mean dairy free, so make sure to read labels carefully. 


Tips: It is easy to swap any protein for another protein without a change in Sugar Calories. If you do not like seafood or are allergic, swap it out for chicken, beef, or any other protein you prefer for that meal. 

Fish does offer a lot of health benefits, like like Omega-3s. Consider taking 3 grams of fish oil supplements so you get those benefits.