Suresh Ramachandran, Lost 55 lbs

People following the tiny and full plan can expect to lose 4 lbs. of belly fat a week.

I can’t believe I’ve lost 55 lbs. in 8 weeks. I’ve learned so much: how to lose weight and listen to what my body wants and needs. Tiny and Full has truly helped me not only lose the weight, but lose the weight forever.

Suresh is the man of the office who has had success losing weight in the past, but has always gained it back because he is always HUNGRY. With Tiny and Full, Suresh incorporated plant-based pea protein into his morning breakfast routine. Pea protein gives your body a daily detox from unhealthy toxins and waste AND, most importantly, it helps curb your appetite for FOUR hours.

Now that Suresh has lost the weight again, he is feeling confident and determined to keep the weight off. He has even quit smoking in order to help him on his path to a more healthy lifestyle. Suresh is not complaining about the fact that the women in his office are taking notice of his new look and calling him handsome. He looks and feels like a whole new man and is ready to conquer the world!

“I’ve learned so much: how to lose weight and listen to what my body wants and needs. I learned what hunger versus thirst means and how much my body needs sleep.”

Suresh's Top Tips

Get enough sleep. This was a challenge for me because I work a lot and help out with my family. I never put sleep as a priority, but once I learned about the benefits sleep has for weight loss, I focused on getting more Z’s. It actually made a difference and helped me break through my plateau. I was shocked! 

Find your go-to meals. Jorge taught me that having a healthy lifestyle all comes down to keeping it simple. He encouraged me to choose a few sample days from the meal planners that I liked and to repeat them throughout the week. This way I was eating the meals I wanted to, but still sticking to the Tiny and Full routine.

More Men Like Suresh

"I haven’t felt bloated, I feel lighter, my posture is better, and I sleep better, too. I know that my energy is up, along with my sex drive. Yes, that’s right, sex drive!"

- Duke Johnson, lost 27 lbs.

"Not only have I lost 35 lbs., but I have higher levels of consistent energy throughout the day, I feel crisp and alert, and I wake up feeling rested without all the aches and pains that I thought were just an inescapable part of being over 40."

- Karl Alvarez, lost 35 lbs.

"I think I lost 10 or 12 pounds in just the first week! Within five months, I lost 33 lbs. I am now leaner and fitter than I have ever been."

- Jon Swanson, lost 33 lbs.