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Download the Tiny and Full guide and discover why being a vegan until lunch will help you lose 43 lbs. in 8 weeks! You'll hear more about #TeamJorge and their weight loss journeys, as well as get their insider secrets to making the plan work and losing the weight! I've also included a Quick Start Guide to Tiny and Full that features information on how the plan works, as well a meal plan you can use to be on your way to losing 43 lbs. or more!

Meet Team Jorge

Meet the team below and hear Alisha's incredible weight loss story that helped them to win the $50,000 grand prize on the Steve Harvey Show! To read more, make sure to check out the Tiny and Full guide above.


Lost 65 lbs. in 8 weeks*

Meet Alisha! Alisha is a bubbly receptionist who used to overeat when she felt stressed or had anxiety. Her plans are to go after her dreams of becoming a Hollywood actress and making Jorge her official trainer when she hits it big.

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*At the time of the Steve Harvey show taping, her weight loss was 55 lbs.


Lost 55 lbs. in 8 weeks*

Meet Suresh! The man of the office who has had success losing weight in the past, but has always gained it back because he is always HUNGRY. He's your typical hard working guy who needs a plan that worked for him long term. He's found it!

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*At the time of the Steve Harvey show taping, his weight loss was 54 lbs.


Lost 45 lbs. in 8 weeks

Meet Emily! She is a bride-to-be who wants to be in the best shape of life for her wedding. Her goals before starting the challenge included looking “dead sexy” in her wedding dress. It’s safe to say, “Mission accomplished!”

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Lost 49 lbs. in 8 weeks

Meet Jennifer! This blonde bombshell is a bride-to-be and before the challenge was ready to get the wedding dress of her dreams. She's now having to resize her engagement ring because it's too big now and she is ready to start shopping for her dream gown!

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Lost 44 lbs. in 8 weeks*

Meet Kaitlyn! A modern day working girl who wants to focus on getting healthy before taking a trip to Europe. Her goals include being able to run a marathon and taking a trip to Napa Valley.

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*At the time of the Steve Harvey show taping, her weight loss was 39 lbs.